Last summer, I was wandering around Siena with a big gelato cone when I stumbled upon a local horse racing festival, Palio di Siena. It was a delightful surprise and ended up being one of the highlights of my Italian trip. This experience inspired me to plan future travels intentionally around festivities .....

Summer Vacation Destinations

When summer hits Provence, France, the sun paints the region with its warm hues, and the sprawling fields of lavender bloom into a vibrant sea of purple. From July to August, this picturesque landscape becomes the backdrop for four enchanting lavender festivals, each offering its unique celebration of the lavender harvest. Let’s plan our summer trip to Southern France around these traditional festivals and events per our travel schedule ...

Run with the Bulls! Dance with History!

Fiesta de San Fermin, held every year from July 6th to July 14th, has attracted countless global tourists thanks to Ernest Hemingway’s timeless novel The Sun Also Rises, which famously puts Pamplona on the map for something other than its delicious tapas ...

Monthly guide throughout the year

Attending local festivals is like securing a backstage pass to a destination's hidden narrative. You're not just a tourist anymore—you're an integral part of the locale's ongoing story. It's a chance to experience the culture in a way you can't get from a guidebook. Beyond those iconic festivals all year round, embracing the smaller, local festivals and events can be equally enchanting and more manageable...

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